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MESA offers two types of teach-ins: Anti-Racism Teach-In Racial justice begins with anti-racism. Anti-racism is the active process of identifying and eliminating racism by changing systems, organizational structures, policies, practices, and attitudes so that power is redistributed and shared equitably (University of Calgary). This peer-led teach-in will engage analytical frameworks for examining systemic cultural, social, economic, and political forces in the community along with individual reflection. Our hope is to raise critical consciousness, understand the opportunity for actions, and how our resources can be distributed. Coalition-Building Teach-In Since the development of new social movements in the mid-20th century, coalitions have become a crucial form of organization. Throughout history, coalitions have been useful for accomplishing a broad range of goals beyond the capacity of any individual or organization. These goals have ranged from information sharing to coordination of services; from community education to advocacy for major policy  and regulatory changes. This Coalition Building peer-led teach-in assists students and/or organizations seeking foundational knowledge/tools/skills to start or strengthen a coalition.  Source: American Association of University Professors


MESA, in collaboration with the Spectrum Center, Ginsberg Center, and The Program on Intergroup Relations, offers 3 workshops on Allyhood and Agency Building! Please note that these workshops are 90 minutes each and are held virtually over Zoom.

10 Ways To Be Anti-Racist

As racial issues continue to dominate national attention in the United States, we must all continue to actively work to dismantle racism. Utilize the 10 Ways to be Anti-Racist resource guide to start practicing anti-racism today.