MESA—in collaboration with the Spectrum Center, Ginsberg Center, and The Program on Intergroup Relations—offers three workshops on allyhood and agency building

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Workshops offered

Social Identities (in collaboration with IGR)

What are social identities? This session is an opportunity for you to increase your awareness of social identities and consider how these identities influence you in different social contexts such as the various ways your social identities are felt more or less salient at different times. Join us for a CommonGround workshop to deepen your understanding of yourself in relation to your social identities. Request this workshop separately by submitting this form. 

Ally Development (in collaboration with Spectrum Center)

Join this session to explore what it means to be an ally. Topics of discussion and engagement include understanding motivations for being an ally and identifying actions for effective allyship. Come learn, share, and strengthen your ally journey with us! 

Power & Perspectives (in collaboration with Ginsberg)

What is power? No, we’re not just talking about superheroes here. Join us to talk about social power, how it shows up in your life, and what we do with the power and influence we all have. 


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