Heritage Months

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MESA celebrates and supports students and student organizations through heritage and history months, including Arab Heritage Month, Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Black History Month, Latinx Heritage Month, and Native American Heritage Month.

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Winter semester

Arab Heritage Month

MESA/U-M: Early March - mid-April 
Nationally: April 1-30 (Arab American Heritage Month)

Arab Heritage Month celebrates the Arab American history, culture, and traditions, and pays tribute to the contributions of Arab Americans and Arabic-speaking Americans. While National Arab American Heritage Month is marked in April, we recognize the month from mid-March to mid-April at U-M. 

Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month

MESA/U-M: Mid-March - late April 
Nationally: May 1-31 (Asian Pacific American Heritage Month)

Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month (AA&PI Heritage Month) is a university-wide celebration of the Asian American & Pacific Islanders through a diverse range of events that honor AA&PI histories, heritages, communities, and identities. 

Black History Month

MESA/U-M: February - early March
Nationally: February

Black History Month is an annual observance dedicated to honoring and commemorating the achievements, contributions, and rich cultural heritage of Black individuals and communities throughout history. Our 2024 theme, "Empowering Generations: Past, Present, Future" is inspired by the importance of innovative artistic expression echoed throughout generations.


Fall semester

Latinx Heritage Month

MESA/U-M: Mid-September - mid-October
Nationally: September 15 – October 15 (Hispanic Heritage Month)

Latinx Heritage Month is celebrated nationally from September 15th - October 15th. Starting in 1968, Americans observed what was called, "Hispanic Heritage Week," this was expanded to a month-long celebration in 1988.

Native American Heritage Month

MESA/U-M: November 1-30
Nationally: November 1-30 (National American Indian Heritage Month)
Each year, we honor the histories, cultures and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors had lived in North America for hundreds of years. Join us for a wide range of events that celebrate Native American culture with the University of Michigan campus community.

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