Arab Heritage Month

About Arab Heritage Month

MESA works to create inclusive and equitable spaces on campus to benefit the student experience. One of our more extensive programs is Arab Heritage Month, and we work to bring different speakers, workshops, and events to celebrate and highlight Arab history on campus and in the nation.

The theme for this year's Arab Heritage Month is Qisasna (Our Stories). For too long, our story has been told by folks who don’t represent us. Hailing from the SWANA region means dealing with many political conflicts that reshape our community’s narrative. Having to deal with the ongoing political turmoil and negative imagery from the world brings up a special kind of perseverance that is unique to Arabs across the world. It’s time that we take back our narrative and showcase each of our individual and unique stories that inform our shared experience. This Arab Heritage Month, we are committed to empowering the voices of Arab Americans and our intersecting identities which are often dismissed or negated, and telling qisasna (our stories).