Alumni Giving

Alumni Giving

MESA's engagement in communities, leadership development, and social justice education serve our unit’s vision where all members of our community are embraced, nurtured, and able to achieve their version of success.

Why give to MESA?

The Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs is responsible for promoting student development and empowerment of the entire campus community around issues of diversity and social justice through the lens of race and ethnicity.

Your gift will help to enhance the success of students by building support communities through intellectual, social and cultural opportunities, promoting a healthy multicultural and respectful climate that allows for meaningful cross-cultural partnerships among student communities, and engaging students in efforts to further develop and deepens their intercultural skills and competencies.

Give to MESA (Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs)

Why does MESA need my support every year?

While endowment funds are earmarked both in how they can be used and when, Annual Gifts are funds that MESA can use immediately and where needed most. Each academic year, the University faces unexpected challenges. Annual Gifts from donors like you are vital to ensure our ability to overcome obstacles address emerging student needs and maintain the Michigan difference. Every donation, no matter the size, can be put to immediate and impactful use.

Areas in Need of Support

A gift of any size to these funds to MESA, will lend further support to the mission of MESA. In addition to the needs mentioned above for MESA, gifts could help with the following needs of our unit:

  • Social Networking Social networking initiatives could provide opportunities for personal training, extracurricular and social activities, new learning experiences and community outreach projects.
  • Leadership/Mentoring This resource could provide opportunities for more students to participate in and benefit from such programs as ALMA, SIBS, AMP and Arise.
  • Student Work Positions Sponsor a paid position to students who are committed to the work. Student staff are key to the delivery of our programs and initiatives. By supporting student staff positions, you affirm their dedication and engagement in social justice work.

How does UM solicit gifts?

Alumni and friends are contacted via mail, email, and Telefund, U-M's student telephone fundraising program. Michigan is a big place, so you may be contacted by the general Annual Giving office or by someone at a school, college, or unit on campus. As a whole, we strive to make giving to the University and allocating your gift to the area you wish as simple as possible. So when you are contacted remember you can support student Affairs no matter who reaches out to you.

Multiple options for giving:

  • Annual Giving- A fund that is put to use where most needed within a fiscal year.
  • Outright Gifts- Gifts of cash, securities, or “gifts in kind” make an immediate impact. Gifts in kind include artwork, books, and equipment that may be useful to MESA.
  • Planned Giving- A giving strategy that allows you to make a meaningful charitable contribution while possibly enhancing you and your family's future financial well-being.
  • Bequests- One of the simplest ways to give, you can leave a gift from your estate within your will.

How to make your gift

We have provided information on how you can make your gift below. In addition, please feel free to call us anytime if you need assistance.

Please connect with us... we'd love to hear from you!

We're passionate about connecting donors with Michigan. We welcome questions about Annual Giving and hearing from you about your reason for participating. If there's something specific you'd like to support and you don't see it on our communications, please contact us. We'll help you get your donation to the right place.