Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs

Agency and Allyhood Building

MESA Agency and Allyhood Building: A multi-day primer opportunity for individual identity building starting with racial justice and Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) framework. This opportunity also connects you with various historically underrepresented groups, resources. and supports to foster learning, collaboration, and a sense of belonging.

SALAM - Successful Arab Leaders at Michigan

SALAM is a partnership between the Arab Student Association and the Office of Multi-Ethnic Students Affairs (MESA). This multi-day program is for incoming first and transfer students to build community, learn about campus resources, and connect with one another about the Arab student experience. The program is open to all U-M students interested in understanding and supporting the Arab community. 


ARISE - South Asian Mentorship Program

The ARISE Mentorship Program is a peer mentorship program for first-year students that strives to create a platform for dialogue on the intersection of social justice and culture. Through dialogues and more intimate settings, the program hopes to create a safe space for students to grow and improve their experience at the University while empowering individuals to develop an awareness and a passion for activism.

ALMA Welcome Program

The ALMA welcome program is a partnership between the Office of Multi-Ethnic Students Affairs (MESA) and La Casa. Going into it's 20th year of programming, ALMA is a four-day welcome program that strives to build a sense of belonging for incoming first-year and new transfer students with an interest in the Latinx identity and culture. The program is open to all students and provides a space for individuals to develop and further explore personal identities, while also engaging in dialogue topics and issues relating to the Latinx experience. 


Support for Incoming Black Students (S.I.B.S.) - Mentorship Program

Support for Incoming Black Students (S.I.B.S.) is a year-long student coordinated peer mentorship program that is open to all students at the University of Michigan (U-M) who are interested in issues that affect the black community and who are dedicated to the retention and success of the students in the program. The goal of S.I.B.S. is to provide unique mentorship and educational opportunities for students on campus. This includes personal, academic, and professional development opportunities that create a fulfilling first-year experience and enhance community members' awareness of their experiences at U-M. 

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