Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs

2017 Summer Bridge Scholars Program (SBP) Course Assistant

The Comprehensive Studies Program’s (CSP) 2017 Summer Bridge Scholars Program (SBSP) is looking for some highly qualified students to serve as Course Assistants (CAs) in this year’s program. Course Assistants function as tutors for individual sections of Sweetland Writing Center (SWC) 100, English 125, Mathematics 103 and Mathematics 104. Any student interested in this position should have a 2.5 or better overall GPA and a 3.00 or better GPA in English or Mathematics courses (depending on the CA position for which you’re applying).

SAGA Innovations

SAGA Innovations is a program in under performing school districts of New York City and Chicago helping students reach new academic achievement through a high-dosage tutoring model. SAGA offers a fellowship for recent college graduates, in which the fellow works with two students for one class period per day for an entire school year.

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Become a Student Leader

The Center for Educational Outreach (CEO) is part of the University's initiative to improve educational opportunities and provide academic support for the K-12 population in the state of Michigan.

Career Opportunities for Graduating Seniors

Grassroots Campaigns is a national, progressive political consulting firm specializing in running face‐to‐face field campaigns. Over the next year, our activists will reach millions of people all across the country to talk about the issues and call those people to action, inspiring millions to act by giving donations, time, and energy to top organizations working on the issue. We're currently partnering with groups like the ACLU, The Nature Conservancy, Doctors Without Borders, and many others. In 2016, we'll also be working in key states across the country to elect candidates who will advance progressive issues.