Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs

MESA is Hiring!

MESA is hiring an undergraduate student for summer term! This position has the option to extend into Fall/Winter 2017-18, if work study award is continued.

Apply here!

University Career Alumni Network (UCAN)

This platform allows you to connect with U-M alumni for career advice. The best part? These alums have already agreed to make themselves available to current U-M students! Through UCAN, you can initiate requests to connect with alumni (who are recommended to you based on your interests). Students who have used UCAN have gathered valuable insights and exposure to the world of work through their connections with the alumni.

Be a Peer Facilitator!

IGR CommonGround is a part of The Program on Intergroup Relations. The program was developed for students across campus to learn about prejudice, stereotyping, power, privilege, and oppression through one-time workshops.