Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs

Growing Allies strives to build a community of social justice allies committed to creating a safer and more inclusive environment at the University of Michigan and beyond. Growing Allies envisions a community where allies work together and support each other.

Each semester, we put on a variety of programs, including the retreat, organized by the Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs


Students across the University of Michigan have expressed feeling "paralyzed," "resourceless," "frozen," "isolated," and "scared" when met with bias actions or attitudes. The Growing Allies program was developed to assist students with education, self-awareness, practice, and community that will better prepare them to challenge the instances of bias that they witness, therefore making campus a safer place to call home.

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Retreats FAQ

Looking for more information about Growing Allies retreats? Here are some responses to frequently asked questions about what happens at retreats and what you can gain from attending. 

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