Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs

Growing Allies strives to build a community of social justice allies committed to creating a safer and more inclusive environment at the University of Michigan and beyond. Growing Allies envisions a community where allies work together and support each other.

Each semester, we put on a variety of programs, including the retreat, organized by the Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs. Other activities include workshops in partnership with the Spectrum Center, educational brunches in partnership with the Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning, presentations at professional and community conferences and more.

Bring a workshop to your student community!

The CommonGround program is one way that student organizations, residence halls, Greek life, academic courses, and other campus communities can request programs that raise awareness about social identities (race, gender, socioeconomic status, etc.), prejudice, stereotyping, power, privilege, and oppression. Facilitated and coordinated by trained U-M undergraduate and graduate students, these interactive workshops help promote social identity development and enhance group dynamics, while building a community of social justice advocates on campus.

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Growing Allies Workshop Series

The Growing Allies team is currently building its workshop series which will be offered to the university on a request-based basis. Check back later for more details.

Mission and Vision

Growing Allies encourages and motivates University of Michigan constituents to expand their knowledge and skills related to the concept of social justice allyhood through workshops, programming, marketing campaigns, technological networking resources, and more. 

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Students across the University of Michigan have expressed feeling "paralyzed," "resourceless," "frozen," "isolated," and "scared" when met with bias actions or attitudes. The Growing Allies program was developed to assist students with education, self-awareness, practice, and community that will better prepare them to challenge the instances of bias that they witness, therefore making campus a safer place to call home.

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