Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs

These internship opportunities provide students with the opportunity to explore career
options related to Arab and Arab American Studies, particularly in legal, social, cultural,
and the arts and some placements provide students the opportunity to use their Arabic
language skills.

Internship opportunities are available at the following organizations that include Ann
Arbor locations:
● Michigan Immigration Rights Center (
● Arab American National Museum (
● Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services
● Council on American-Islamic Relations (
● Jewish Family Services (
● American-Muslim & Minority Advocacy League (

Interested students should contact Evelyn Alsultany (, the internship
faculty advisor, for more detailed information on the internships and for information on
how to set up an interview with the organization of interest. The deadline to set up the
internship through an interview with the organization and registering for AMCULT 390 is
the drop/add deadline in the third week of the full semester.
ARABAM 390 counts as an elective towards the American Culture major or minor, the Arab
and Muslim American Studies minor in American Culture, the Islamic Studies minor and
may count toward other concentration plans pending departmental approval.
During the fall and winter semesters, students are expected to work 3 hours per week at
the internship for one credit (9 hours per week for 3 credits). During the spring and
summer terms, student are expected to work 6 hours per week for 1 credit (18 hours per
week for 3 credits). You can select the number of credits/internship hours that work best
with your schedule, upon agreement by the internship site.
Please note that you will not receive a grade for the internship, but rather CR for credit.