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Arab Heritage Month Calendar. List of events in article.

Nationally, Arab Heritage Month is celebrated throughout the month of April. On campus, we hope to begin our celebration as early as mid-February through the end of the semester for Winter 2018! The Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs will celebrate Arab Heritage Month by sharing the history, culture, and people that have been enriching and shaping American society for generations.

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Arab Heritage Month is a special opportunity to enhance understanding of the nuanced and diverse aspects of Arab American heritage that is often forgotten or intentionally avoided by the media. Arab immigrants and their descendants have made important contributions to the growth of this country. As doctors and scientists, engineers, bankers, teachers, entrepreneurs and entertainers – and so much more – Arab contributions and heritage are woven inextricably into the fabric of American society. Arab Heritage Month presents a great opportunity to celebrate and recognize the achievements of Arab Americans throughout our history.

Throughout the month, events will be added to the calendar below that may not necessarily be represented on the graphic calendar! Check back often for updates. 

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