Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs

The Comprehensive Studies Program’s (CSP) 2017 Summer Bridge Scholars Program (SBSP) is looking for some highly qualified students to serve as Course Assistants (CAs) in this year’s program. Course Assistants function as tutors for individual sections of Sweetland Writing Center (SWC) 100, English 125, Mathematics 103 and Mathematics 104. Any student interested in this position should have a 2.5 or better overall GPA and a 3.00 or better GPA in English or Mathematics courses (depending on the CA position for which you’re applying). Students should also have the ability to verbalize articulately what they know about the subject matter and the pedagogy of the course. In addition, a student should have (preferably) taken courses with the CSP. We are looking to fill 34 positions that run from June 28th through August 18thStudents can start applying for positions on March 20th. And the deadline for the submission of applications is May 1st  

This position does not provide any funding for room and board. There will be one informational meeting prior to the starting date. A Course Assistant can work between 10 and 15 hours per week throughout term 3B (July-August) and CAs are required to spend time attending the course to which they are assignedCompleted applications are due by May 1, 2017. The application link/URL appears below: