Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs

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Minor in Intergroup Relations Education

Learn more about the Minor in Intergroup Relations Education!
Do you want to raise awareness of issues in intergroup relations, social identity, prejudice, and discrimination? Do you want to explore inequalities of power and oppression while gaining leadership in social justice-oriented change? Check out the NEW Minor in Intergroup Relations Education!

Academic Programs and Departments

So many courses, minors, and majors have race and ethnicity at the core of their content.  Explore the different departments and academic units available to students.

The Program in American Culture The Program in American Culture offers students an opportunity to explore a range of topics from American history and literature and ethnic studies to popular culture, including African–American, Arab–American, Asian/Pacific Islander American Studies, Latina/o Studies and Native American Studies. The Program in American Culture frequently collaborate with MESA for interdisciplinary work, particularly with regard to creating links between faculty and students and developing ed