Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs

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Organizational Studies Major

Are you interested in the social sciences? Would you like to be part of a small community of ambitious students with access to top-notch faculty and a dedicated alumni network? Organizational Studies is an application-based, interdisciplinary social sciences major in LSA where students customize their own education, pursue leadership development, and engage in project-based learning. 

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CSG is Launching a New Student Leadership Scholarship!

For many of us, the experiences we have outside of the classroom define our time at Michigan. We also know that some of our peers face financial barriers to extracurricular involvement. Some organizations ask their members to contribute financially, while all require that leaders dedicate large amounts of time without pay. 

Services for Students with Disabilities has scholarships, awards, and funding available.

The mission of the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities is to support the University’s commitment to equity and diversity by providing support services and academic accommodations to students with disabilities.  We share information, promote awareness of disability issues, and provide support of a decentralized system of access for students within the University community.

Their office currently has a list of available funding here.

Minor in Intergroup Relations Education

Learn more about the Minor in Intergroup Relations Education!
Do you want to raise awareness of issues in intergroup relations, social identity, prejudice, and discrimination? Do you want to explore inequalities of power and oppression while gaining leadership in social justice-oriented change? Check out the NEW Minor in Intergroup Relations Education!